Client. Friend. Inspiration.

People will cross your path in life. Most will pass in an anonymous blur. Some will become familiar. A rarer few will become an inspiration to you.

For me, one of these rare and inspirational people is Harvey Jackson. Harvey and I met through our day jobs. While working together we’d often end up chatting about life, the universe and everything. And so was born my relationship with a man who would one day become an inspiration to me.

Harvey has worked on artwork small and large. Some of his artwork is very, very large. I’m talking massive murals on the sides of buildings to covering the sides of resurrected Boeing 747 hangars (those things are incredibly huge).

Harvey has been one of my inspirations for pursuing art. His feedback and blessings have been most welcome to my fledgling efforts. If you like my work even remotely, I would encourage you to visit Harvey’s site and take a look at the incredible work he does.

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