Rusting with Snow

Co-creating art with snow

Creating art by rusting steel with snow.

Winter is here for another year. I always enjoy the snow, it’s one of the reasons I live in Canada. From that first little high I get seeing the first snow fall for the year, to hearing it crunch underneath my feet as move around in it, to sitting cozily indoors and getting mildly hypnotized watching the flakes drift down.

But this year I’m loving it for another reason altogether.

I’ve found that using the snow to help me oxidize my metals is proving to be an excellent process to explore. It seems slower and it creates a different type of rust than when I work with rain and sun.

I like the way the rust is turning out thick and rich on this one; although do note that it always looks darker and richer when it’s wet. Upon drying it lightens up to a more typical rust color.

Rusting with snow

Close up of rusting steel panel.

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