Calm & Chaos

Ah … excuse the delay folks. Life has had some interesting twists and turns lately on both the personal and professional fronts. For those of you keeping a track of my work, don’t worry. The lack of updates to this blog by no means reflects any slow down in the production of art. This time around my muse is Mother Nature and attempting to capture some of her seasonal transition as rust on metal. I’ve got my steel all prepared and ready to go.

Steel panels, prepped and ready to be sited.

Steel panels, prepped and ready to be sited.

It’s back to nature I alway seem to go when it’s time to wind down, relax and really ground myself. Even though I seek calm within nature, it’s humbling to observe her in a constant state of seemingly chaotic flux. A chaos born of systems that are in an never ending process of trying to attain balance with each other. It’s this theme of Calm & Chaos which serves as the inspiration for my Fall series.

Local creek in Naramata chosen as site for this panel.

I’m placing a series of ten steel panels in total. These will be placed in areas where there is a good chance of leaves and other organic matter collecting on them. So far I’ve chosen sites near the local creek, the foothills of North Naramata overlooking the lake and a couple of local vineyards and orchards. After selecting sites and placing the panels we’ll have to wait and see what chaos serves up.

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