About the Art

“I engage nature in a partnership out of which comes art.”

Predominantly created on steel, my art is about weather, about snow, rain, and sun, about how these elements work together to create rust which I work into textures, shapes, and forms. I’m completely smitten with the look and feel of rust and my technique of corroding metal seems to have generated a lot of interest.

I find inspiration in the natural forces around me. From the weather systems that co-create with me to the plant life of the West Kootenays where I live. By rusting steel, I am able to create works that have elements of organic chaos about them. No two pieces ever corrode the same.

Steel panel rusting in winter snows.

Art in progress: A steel panel rusts in the snows of a Canadian winter.

My process begins with a steel panel. I then protect some areas leave other areas exposed. The panel is then placed outdoors to be weathered. Depending on the season, snow and rain corrode the panel resulting in beautiful rusted colors ranging from rich chocolate browns, burnt oranges and vibrant yellows. Lastly, each piece is sealed with a protective spray.

Completed weathered and rusted steel panel.

Completed weathered and rusted steel panel.

You can view more of my work in the Gallery.