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  • Calm & Chaos

    Ah … excuse the delay folks. Life has had some interesting twists and turns lately on both the personal and professional fronts. For those of you keeping a track of my work, don’t worry. The lack of updates to this blog by no means reflects any slow down in the production of art. This time […]

  • Creating in Fall

    This is me using my hover super power.

    So summer is almost gone for another year. It always makes me a little low transitioning from summer to fall and saying that slow goodbye to warm winds and water. But there are some things I look forward to in fall. More rain for starters which is key in corroding the metal panels I have placed around the town and foothills and mountains this year.

  • Thunderstorms Galore

    For an artist who uses weather as a co-creator I’ve been hoping for rain. I’m happy to say that my little town has been graced with frequent thunderstorms in the last few days. Although I like the sun as much as the next person, I love having the rain come and giving the landscape and […]

  • Spooked Spook

    I’ve been in Naramata for over three years now. It’s a sleepy little town for the most part except for a few months in mid to later summer when the tourists and fruit pickers show up. In my short time here I’ve heard a lot of wildlife within ear shot. The silly clucking of Quails, the eerie cool piercing cries of Ospreys and Eagles and the maniacal (somewhat chilling) howls of Coyotes in the night.

    Last month started what was a quick display of wildlife from all angles. It started with a Raccoon who walked down the forested hill in my backyard. Waddling confidently and cutting a slow line straight for me. I don’t know much about Raccoons so I gave him a wide berth and got out of his way while managing to admire this very neat looking critter. I mean he could be harmless but for all I know, they might hate anything bald and rip my innards out before I know it.

  • June Update

    Well things are heating up here in more ways than one. Last month has me slowing down and taking stock of all things life. Two new pieces are well on the way and the slow southern sounds of Iron and Wine have been a background to the creation of these two new works and I’ve […]

  • Thanks to All

    I am thrilled with the response from everyone who has viewed my art. The feedback here has been overwhelmingly positive and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks. For those of you far away, thanks for taking the time to e-mail me and for those of you who are local, thanks for your […]

  • The photograph that changed me

    Daily, we all swim in an over-hyped stream of media. A stream of information that in all honesty is mostly worthless to me.

    Now and then though, something profound occurs. One of these “somethings” happened to me the other day, something that rocked me deep, something that will make me view myself and view life differently.

  • Rusting with Snow

    Co-creating art with snow

    Creating art by rusting steel with snow.

    Winter is here for another year. I always enjoy the snow, it’s one of the reasons I live in Canada. From that first little high I get seeing the first snow fall for the year, to hearing it crunch underneath my feet as move around in it, to sitting cozily indoors and getting mildly hypnotized watching the flakes drift down.

    But this year I’m loving it for another reason altogether.