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  • “Naramata Gold”

    Rut on steel

    Naramata Gold.
    Weathered and rusted steel – 42″ x 60″
    By Danno, 2006

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    This large steel panel has been aged in the snow and rain of this unseasonally warm winter of 2005-2006. Matured under a pine tree this piece saw many things fall on it, including pine cones, pine needles, bugs, and even a couple of bird poops. One day I woke to see that the piece had been covered in a light dusting of snow during the night. There were what looked like mouse tracks across the snow – with a larger set of cat paws right next to them.

    Naramata Gold is named for the current boom of all things wine here in Naramata. Of which, quite a few bottles were enjoyed during the making of this piece. Special thanks to my neighbors and friends, Derek and Yanti, both of whom have tried on a occasion to take my understanding of wine to a new level.