“Offside Suzuki”

Offside Suzuki by Danno

Offside Suzuki
Weathered and rusted canvas
by Danno, 2005

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As a subject for my first experiment of working with rust on canvas, I chose one of my all-time heroes. For decades eco-celebrity and environmental champion David Suzuki, has been fighting to protect our natural world before it’s all paved and McNuggeted and Monsantoed. Suzuki was speaking out before I was born and long before it was even remotely cool to be Green.

In this piece I wanted to illustrate that for all of David’s hard work, his points of view are all too easily brushed aside. Everyday life sweeps us along and his well intentioned views end up buried somewhere in between checking e-mail, paying the bills and getting junior off to school.

I’m glad there are guys like David willing to fight for all of us. I can’t be sure, but my gut tells me the world be a better place with more David Suzukis around.

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