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  • “Dust & Denim”

    Dust and Denim

    “Dust & Denim” – Weathered and rusted steel – 25″ x 35″. By Danno, 2006.

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    This piece is finally finished after corroding the spring rains of 2006. For awhile it was overcast and no rain was falling. Then mother nature came through and brought frequent showers which fell on Dust & Denim, my tribute to those of us with the tenacity to learn such a challenging instrument.

  • “Power”

    Power by Danno“Power”
    Weathered and rusted steel – 25″ x 35″
    By Danno, 2006

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    Having grown up in a large city, my contact with horses was minimal. It wasn’t until a boyhood Scout camp that I finally came to see one up close and get a chance to sit in the saddle. Our Scout troop had booked a day with a riding farm. You pay your fee and they lead you around a predetermined path on the back of some very bored looking horses who know the trails off by heart. That old memory got me thinking about horses.

  • “Naramata Gold”

    Rut on steel

    Naramata Gold.
    Weathered and rusted steel – 42″ x 60″
    By Danno, 2006

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    This large steel panel has been aged in the snow and rain of this unseasonally warm winter of 2005-2006. Matured under a pine tree this piece saw many things fall on it, including pine cones, pine needles, bugs, and even a couple of bird poops. One day I woke to see that the piece had been covered in a light dusting of snow during the night. There were what looked like mouse tracks across the snow – with a larger set of cat paws right next to them.

    Naramata Gold is named for the current boom of all things wine here in Naramata. Of which, quite a few bottles were enjoyed during the making of this piece. Special thanks to my neighbors and friends, Derek and Yanti, both of whom have tried on a occasion to take my understanding of wine to a new level.

  • “Viva la Vino”

    Viva la Vino Weathered and rusted steel – 25″x19″ By Danno, 2005 View slide show of this piece I wanted to make the line work on this a little tighter and wrap it around the edges of the panel. After three months of rusting in the summer sun and warm rains of the Okanagan Valley […]