Early Spring Works

Old man rail track
“Cedar Spark” , “Winds of Spring”, “Cedar Hill”.

It’s been a wet and cloudy spring for the most part. Last year’s fallen leaves from a Japanese Maple along with the springs from some cedar trees provide me with the inspiration and materials for a exploring a couple of new techniques.

I’m smitten with rust, we all know that, but … a new technique for me is letting the panel rust, then working it back so that only the shadow of the rust remains.

Doing this allows the rust to stain the steel with a silhouette which remains when the rust is removed. You can see the effect of this technique in a piece I’ve called Winds of Spring. The other two works feature sprigs of cedar which were corroded into, and in some cases, around the steel. Check ’em out in the new gallery I’ve been working on.

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  1. Hello Danno,
    It was a thrill to see your grazing horse from your Country series when you dropped into the Mac dealer I was visiting yesterday. The subtly shifting perceptions of the image as it is viewed from different locations/perspectives in the room were reminiscent of the gentle movements of a grazing horse. When this piece of art sells, I’m sure the new owner will find it is one of those wonderful works of art that grows with us and takes on new meanings as life changes us. I thank the serendipity that gave me a chance to see your work in “real life.” I will remember that artwork for a very long time. Your website is excellent, but only reality can do justice to your work!

  2. My Name is Harry Bussard, I’ve been testing myself all my life when it comes to Art and what catches the Eye & how we reflect upon shade,textures and how much our emotions react to such elements!!! I truly am at awe at your work !!! Every piece is unique in its own way!! I’m just an ole country boy,the simplier the better! I like all of your subject themes! I hope you read my comment,this is my first one,and would enjoy to hear from you and any updates. Again your work is great & anyone that has purchased your work will treasure it!! Sincerely, HARRY (from Virginia)

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