The Big Melt

Metal panels rusting in winter

Snow melting on steel panels in the Winter of 2008.

The snow is slowly melting away for another year. As much as I love to see the snow arrive, it’s exciting to see it go as well. Over two feet ended up accumulating on these panels, and as it melts I get an insight into the kinds of images which been transferred and left behind. There is a layer of organic matter compressed between the snow and the steel. This organic matter ends up corroding an abstract imprint of itself onto the steel as rust.

Metal panels rusting in winter

The water keeps the leaves nice and soggy and flat to the steel.

It’s a hit-and-miss method of creating art and since starting exploring the technique a few years back, I’ve ended up with three pieces out of twenty or so attempts. One of my biggest challenges is dealing with the wind, which blows my subject matter off the panels before they have a chance to imprint anything worthy onto the steel.

Metal panels rusting in winter

The sides get interesting textures and colors on them too.

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