Steel Arrives

Working with steel.

Preparing steel panels for rusting.

After hearing that the metal I need could be weeks away, Dave over at Fehlings Sheet Metal has managed to locate some steel locally. He’s been a good man and has looked after me well. I would recommend the guys over at Fehlings any day.

Content that I don’t have to wait to work on my art, I get started as soon as I get home. Unawares, Karen took this picture of me while the snow was falling. During it’s life on the shelf, the metals seem to pick up a somewhat oily layer – which I like to remove before getting ready for rusting.

My friends back in Australia have commented on the red buck shirt on numerous occasions. Flannel isn’t all that popular in many Australian social circles. I don’t even remember where I got this trusty jacket from but at minus five degrees Celsius, it’s a great friend to get grubby with.

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