The photograph that changed me

Daily, we all swim in an over-hyped stream of media. A stream of information that in all honesty is mostly worthless to me.

Now and then though, something profound occurs. One of these “somethings” happened to me the other day, something that rocked me deep, something that will make me view myself and view life differently.

What happened? Well, Karen (my love) sent me a photograph in an e-mail. It’s a photo that apparently won a Pulitzer prize in 1996. I’m sure many of you reading this have seen it, but I hadn’t.

The photo is utterly terrible, completely horrible, absolutely awful and it rocked every cell in my being.

The image still comes to me during the course of my day. Any common event can trigger it’s rapid and clear recall from my memory right back into my mind’s eye. And then there it is; I’m seeing it all over again, thinking about it.

I realize now as I write this that it’s impossible to forget this photo, ever. Yet I am thankful for having seen it, and I don’t even want to forget it. I mean, I wish this sort of thing never happened.

But it does.

You see, ever since viewing this photograph, I’ve found myself questioning all that I believe in. At the very core of my being this photograph makes me want to be less materialistic, less vain, less greedy and less apathetic. This photo simultaneously taxes all that my ego desires and shines light on how truly absurd some of those desires are. On the opposite side, this photograph makes me want to be more tolerant, more giving, more helpful and a hell of a lot more humble. It challenges me on so many levels, and to quote Jack, this photo “makes me want to be a better man.”

What is this photo?

Well, before I link to it, I warn you this is a strong image. For me, this photo is a milestone; life before having seen it, and life after. If you choose to do so, you can see it here.

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  1. I too had not seen the photo before. When I opened the link my heart ached. We are so abundantly blessed in North America.

    This photograph is a call to ACTION. We have the need to pick that child up and carry them. We have the ability to protect, feed, love, and care for him. We have the responsibility of stewardship to share the resources we have been entrusted with.

    Do something positive and life changing with the pain caused by the image. Sponsor a child. Save a life. Get involved. Keep the image in your mind and use it to improve not only yourself, but the lives of the children all over the world in similar situations. You have the ability to change the world for the better one baby at a time.

    Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can.
    – Ashleigh Brilliant

  2. My Freind Danno, The Creator of the Elements will take care of this matter ! Life is a sacred thing!! A life lost in his eyes never goes unnoticed , wether it be child , man ,or woman.The very breath of life is a gift from our Creator, and should never be taken for Granted.The Limited time we spend around the things He provided for Us ,should draw us closer to Him. This life is temporary, He has prepared a better Life ahead.Here on earth,Everlasting Just as He did in the Garden of Eden. His Purpose hasnt Changed MAN DID!! The photo was tragic! So was what they did to our Creator Son!Like I stated , the Creator of the Elements WILL take of this Matter & many More.Take care my Friend, enjoy the Beauty all around you,its a testiment to Him.Harry