Creating in Fall

This is me using my hover super power.

So summer is almost gone for another year. It always makes me a little low transitioning from summer to fall and saying that slow goodbye to warm winds and water. But there are some things I look forward to in fall. More rain for starters which is key in corroding the metal panels I have placed around the town and foothills and mountains this year.

One of these things is the clothing. I love when it’s turning cold and I’m rugging up for it. The feeling of a cozy pair of socks, a comfy sweater and best of all, a rugged pair of boots that make you feel like you could climb mountains. And that’s the plan this year.

Selecting sites where tons of leaves and stick and bugs and water will hit the panel.
Apple Tree Zero was a piece that transformed the way I work with metal. So this autumn, as nature sheds it’s canopy for another year I will be there to catch it as rust. The plan this year is to hike into the wilderness to see what kinds of images I can capture and rust into my steel panels. Ground zero in the woods is an ever changing floor of life and decay that holds some excellent creative potential. Time to get the panels ready and carefully pick some spots where my steel will be safe!

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