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  • Steel Arrives

    Preparing steel panels for rusting. After hearing that the metal I need could be weeks away, Dave over at Fehlings Sheet Metal has managed to locate some steel locally. He’s been a good man and has looked after me well. I would recommend the guys over at Fehlings any day. Content that I don’t have […]

  • More Steel

    I’ve ordered a bunch of metal today. New steel to work with. I’m trying to get some second hand fridge doors as well to see what possibilities they might yield. I’m in love with rust. I love seeding it, and watching it grow. Working with rust is like being a Sheppard; guiding a little molecular […]

  • Client. Friend. Inspiration.

    People will cross your path in life. Most will pass in an anonymous blur. Some will become familiar. A rarer few will become an inspiration to you.

    For me, one of these rare and inspirational people is Harvey Jackson. Harvey and I met through our day jobs. While working together we’d often end up chatting about life, the universe and everything. And so was born my relationship with a man who would one day become an inspiration to me.