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  • The Big Melt

    Metal panels rusting in winter

    Snow melting on steel panels in the Winter of 2008.

    The snow is slowly melting away for another year. As much as I love to see the snow arrive, it’s exciting to see it go as well. Over two feet ended up accumulating on these panels, and as it melts I get an insight into the kinds of images which been transferred and left behind. There is a layer of organic matter compressed between the snow and the steel. This organic matter ends up corroding an abstract imprint of itself onto the steel as rust.

  • Tons of Snow

    This Winter I’m stoked. There is lots of snow in my life. It’s my first winter out here in the Kootenays and there’s about four feet of the white stuff in our yard so far. I can’t totally pin it, but there’s something about having your neighborhood covered in a layer of white powder that […]

  • Life Overhaul

    As my girlfriend would say, “holy doodle!”. It’s been a interesting and blazing fast few months. I feel like I blinked and we’re almost in May. In that time I’ve moved house, started a great new web development business, took a trip to Washington DC, met some cool people and helped some along the way […]

  • Creating in Fall

    This is me using my hover super power.

    So summer is almost gone for another year. It always makes me a little low transitioning from summer to fall and saying that slow goodbye to warm winds and water. But there are some things I look forward to in fall. More rain for starters which is key in corroding the metal panels I have placed around the town and foothills and mountains this year.

  • June Update

    Well things are heating up here in more ways than one. Last month has me slowing down and taking stock of all things life. Two new pieces are well on the way and the slow southern sounds of Iron and Wine have been a background to the creation of these two new works and I’ve […]

  • “Offside Suzuki”

    Offside Suzuki Weathered and rusted canvas by Danno, 2005 View slide show of this piece As a subject for my first experiment of working with rust on canvas, I chose one of my all-time heroes. For decades eco-celebrity and environmental champion David Suzuki, has been fighting to protect our natural world before it’s all paved […]

  • More Steel

    I’ve ordered a bunch of metal today. New steel to work with. I’m trying to get some second hand fridge doors as well to see what possibilities they might yield. I’m in love with rust. I love seeding it, and watching it grow. Working with rust is like being a Sheppard; guiding a little molecular […]

  • Client. Friend. Inspiration.

    People will cross your path in life. Most will pass in an anonymous blur. Some will become familiar. A rarer few will become an inspiration to you.

    For me, one of these rare and inspirational people is Harvey Jackson. Harvey and I met through our day jobs. While working together we’d often end up chatting about life, the universe and everything. And so was born my relationship with a man who would one day become an inspiration to me.